It’s not just your job.
It’s your life.
Every day.

How about being able to work with even the trickiest colleagues + clients without  feeling like a rabbit in the headlights, getting wound-up or sucked down that black hole of mis-communication?

So how about having the tools, techniques + skillset to help you lock into a mindset that'll transform your work relationships, one conversation at a time.

When you work with me I'll help you:

  • Become

    the you that makes you the “you” your boss, colleagues + clients love to work with

  • Shift

    your shaky self-confidence + be valued for who you naturally are

  • Learn to let go

    of the feeling that "you're lacking" + play to your innate strengths

  • Understand how to really relate

    to diverse colleagues so you’re no longer asking yourself “eh, why did s/he do that?”

  • Master how to communicate

    in an “on the same page” vibe so that trust + collaboration become your new norm

  • Transform

    “eye-rolling” conversations into let’s-work-together-interactions (it’s easier than you might think, trust yourself)

  • Be the

    team leader or boss you wish you had, so your team turn up happy because they are

This story’s about Sarah:

Director, Sarah was having trouble with her boss. For several years they had communication problems; so any difference of opinion quickly escalated to an argument. This damaging pattern affected not only their professional relationship, it was heavily impacting on their colleagues + the wider team.

After just one session, Sarah understood why the behaviour was happening. Pinpointing some of the issues + shifting her mindset, she walked away with practical + actionable solutions, allowing her transform her situation.

”Now I’m sleeping like a baby + work’s never been as enjoyable.
Fiona took me on a tough + challenging journey but provided all of the directions + sign posts on the way. She helped me uncover that I‘d been putting way too much energy into both blaming other people for a breakdown in communication + worrying about what other people thought about me. Instead of being frustrated by how someone else wasn't behaving as I expected them to, I changed how I behaved.

The resulting improvement in the relationship was far better + happened far more quickly than I could have ever expected”.