You, naturally at your best.

Finding that "YOU" is what I do.

Welcome.  Here I am.

Here you are because you're looking for that version of you that you know exists you've just not gotten there, yet.  It's not always easy to find that you without the right support.  That's where I can help.

Every day I work with people who want to find this truer version of themselves. They achieve it through my approach that combines Counselling + Coaching.

It's an approach that'll help you discover there's a way to be yourself that doesn't include pretending to be someone you're not, nor does it include wearing a mask in work, in your personal life, or in your relationships.  

So whether it's about your relationship with yourself, or you're a couple looking to rediscover why you chose each other in the first place, or you want to work on your interpersonal relationships + team collaboration at work; I can help you create + cultivate ways of being true to that you, no matter what life throws at you.

Want the good news? You've already started.


"Now I’m sleeping like a baby + work’s never been as enjoyable"

Sarah, Director – Communications Agency

“I’m finally liking who I am + embracing life”

James – Multi-passionate intrepid traveller, artist + mature student

“I resolved a decision I’d grappled with for 2 years”

Glenn - Financial Consultant

“Practical tools + techniques transformed my work relationships” 

Gary, MD – Media Industry

“It’s the best thing we've done for ourselves + our relationship" 

Laura + Mark – a modern-day couple committed to staying happy

“I went from overwhelmed to landing my dream job" 

Niamh – a lady who does what she needs to do, to get what she really, really wants