Are you living the life you love or one that you want to escape from?


Q: Do you want to know how to have healthier thoughts, be able to regulate your emotions + feel happy in yourself?

A: What if I told you that you can  learn to get to know, understand + like yourself for who you really are, so that you effortlessly become the boss of you.  

When you work with me I'll help you:

  • Develop

    the confidence + belief in yourself that you naturally admire in others

  • Call a halt

    to thinking “everyone seems more successful or happier” so you can focus on paddling your own canoe, instead

  • Start supporting yourself

    like you would your best friend + drop the manipulative mind-chatter, once + for all

  • Say “I do” to you

    for better or for worse (yes, you get to marry yourself)

  • Take a stand for

    what it is you want, so that what you don’t want simply falls away

  • Say yes

    to “I matter” my hopes, plans + dreams matter (because... they do)

  • Reach out

    beyond your comfort zone where fear doesn’t have a say

This story’s about James:

James’s relationship with himself had a serrated edge; meaning how he saw, thought of + spoke to himself was zig-zag-jagged + unhealthy. Struggling, he experienced daily, the effects of this unhelpful pattern in many areas of his life. So we started with him looking in the mirror.

“I’m finally liking who I am. My newly gained confidence means I’m now embracing life.
Working with you was like being taken by the hand + shown the way through my foggy path. With your psychotherapy + coaching skills, the fog cleared from my mind, so I could let go of your hand knowing I now understand myself + I'm stronger.  Better still, I’m capable of being + living as the person I know I can be.

Thank you for introducing me to the monkey in my mind + how to converse with it. You are really very good at peeling back the layers of history + lighting up the future. With this gift you can truly make a difference in this world”.