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Please note I only work with individuals ready to take responsibility + elevate themselves to the next level. They know that creating their desired change requires honesty + self-commitment.

Here's how the set-up goes:

I work 1:1 face-face because that’s how change happens + that’s how I roll.
For my international clients, I facilitate Skype. I can do that for local clients too.

Face-face, we’ll meet in Goatstown with bus route (11) as well as parking access.

I offer a complimentary 15 minute Connection Call which clients say they find really helpful because it clarifies the process as they understand how I work + key to your results is feeling we’re the right fit.

When we know we’re the right fit:

You’ll receive a bespoke questionnaire for completion + return before our first session so you’re getting to know yourself better, even before we start. 

How I work:

I’m flexible in how I work with my personal + corporate clients.

To be honest, it’s about what you need to get the results you want.

So I might work 90 minute or extended 2-hour sessions, offer half or one-day intensives, or maybe you’ll want to invest in ongoing sessions.

We can work that out once we know what’s best for you.


I'm honest + upfront about my personal rates, below. Corporate rates depend on what you need, so let's discuss.

Because I combine both models, my sessions are 90 minutes so depending on what you're looking for, you'll get the benefits of both approaches in one setting, working with one person, instead of a counsellor + a coach. 

I remember when choosing to do this type of work on myself, I approached finding the right solution with a mix of caution + curiousity.  So when you're researching options (which I always advise my clients to do), you'll see I'm more expensive than traditional counselling offerings available (my sessions are also that bit longer) + on par with current market coaching rates. So it's my goal to meet you in a place + offer a service that gives you the advantages of both approaches, at a price point that's deemed fair to us both. 

Personal Clients:

Sessions generally last 1h30. That’s 90 minutes. We make them matter.  My rates are fixed.  While I’m not cheap, I am great value.

Personal clients: €150.

Corporate Clients:

I work individually.

I also work with pairs/small teams looking to improve work-related issues of any kind.

I mostly work on retainer + when you need individual sessions, I can do that too. Let’s discuss so we can clarify how my skills can help you get what you need from yourself + your team to benefit everyone + the business.