This story’s about Gary:
Eager to develop better interactions at work + open to the process; Gary was committed to improving relationships with colleagues + fellow board members, so he could get for himself the softer communications skills required of his recent senior management position. Here’s how we made that happen. 

“I got practical tools + techniques that benefit me on a daily basis.
From the start - Fiona got specific, understood my needs + was solutions-oriented. In particular, through the use of reflective worksheets, I gained a deeper understanding of myself + interactions with my colleagues. As she helped me ‘get’ those individual relationship dynamics; we identified how I could improve them on a practical + daily basis. Beyond the sessions, Fiona also challenged + encouraged me by sharing links, articles + video clips she felt were relevant + useful, which I greatly appreciated. I would have no hesitation recommending Fiona”.

Here’s Grace's experience:
Grace was dealing with a difficult work situation + she found herself struggling to express herself in a way that was helpful to her. We got true to who she really is, so that Grace could help herself, resulting in improved interactions with her colleagues.

“I feel a lot more positive after a session.
Fiona has a special ability in her work to get you to think differently about an issue you’re facing + notably to take responsibility for your own thoughts + history, as well as how these may contribute to your feelings about a situation.  What I love about talking to Fiona is that I feel a lot more positive after a session. We’ll have considered a problem from my perspective, as well as the point of view of the other people involved + this makes me feel more empathy towards them especially in a situation that involves conflicting opinions. Our work really puts me back in control of my interactions with fellow teammates, so we reach the right solution in a healthier way”. 

Here’s Glenn’s story:
Wrestling with a decision he knew rationally was really quite simple -yet realistically + emotionally- wasn’t coming easy to him, Glenn reached out. Respecting his creative spirit + desire for freedom, all the while needing to get specific + ask himself the right questions, we got to work.  

“I got true-to-myself + resolved a decision I’d grappled with for 2 years.
Even before I met Fiona, I found our conversation on the phone + her pre-session questionnaire really helpful in clarifying the complex issue that’d been dogging me for over 2 years. On our first meeting I found it remarkably easy to trust + share my issue with her. Her keen insights + questions helped me further clarify my thoughts. In a short time, thanks to Fiona's listening + insightful questioning I had a very different perspective on things. What seemed like negatives now presented as opportunities with specific steps + immediate actions very clear.  I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona’s skills for any issue you might be looking to resolve”.

This story’s about Niall:
Niall’s confidence + self-esteem were pretty much at rock bottom; he was learning to accept the end of a relationship, coupled with doubts about his career path. Feeling like he was “beginning to drown”, he decided he wanted better for himself, so he made a commitment to get that.

“After each session, I left a little happier than before we met because I walked away with the tools to help myself.
What struck me on first meeting Fiona was how good she was at truly listening. She also challenged me to consider how I look at + regard myself as well as my relationships to those around me. But most importantly, she helped me understand what’s important to me, to identify + prioritise my values + I still revisit that list of values, today.

After each session, I left a little happier than before we met because I walked away with the tools to help myself + a relatively short time later, I felt stronger + more confident but most of all, happier in myself.  I couldn’t say enough for how Fiona helped me, help myself. I know that if I ever struggle again, I’ll reach out + benefit from her help”.

This story’s about Niamh:
Under time pressure, knowing what she wanted but unable to make it happen, Niamh needed things to turnaround like yesterday.  She showed up in the knowledge that nothing changes unless you change; Niamh got clear, she made herself an action plan, rolled her sleeves up + took off towards creating the result she wanted. 

”I went from overwhelmed to landing my dream job. 
I came to Fiona feeling stuck, needing to figure out how I could combine my interests, experience + education to forge a pathway forwards. As an exceptionally skilled professional, throughout every session she projected a calm, accepting + caring approach, while at the same time giving me the push I needed when I needed it. In an instant, I felt Fiona was there for me with no interest in judging. She asked insightful questions, fully listening to my issues + answers, gently guiding me to find the best solutions for me.  As a result, I’m now working in my dream job”.

Maureen’s story:
Maureen + her husband were empty-nesters looking for change. But getting from where she was to where she wanted to be seemed an insurmountable task so we got to work, breaking down unhelpful barriers, allowing them move forward. 

”I left feeling focused, excited, motivated + clear.
I was talking about down-sizing my home for 4 years; feeling very agitated, frightened + confused with the prospect of taking this on; although I knew from a personal, lifestyle + financial point of view, it was so the right thing to do.

My session with Fiona was laser-focused + really anchored me. We explored what I wanted, what was getting in my way + looked at what I was ready to change. I left feeling focused, excited, motivated + clear about what I needed to do differently to get the result I wanted. Our house is now on the market + we’re in the process of moving to a home that suits our lifestyle + life stage. I feel so relieved”.

Here’s a story about Ciara + Declan:
Ciara + Declan’s relationship mojo had waned; meaning their once happy vibe seemed a thing of the past. Stressed + frustrated, neither of them knew how to make it better. Not quite sure what to expect, they came with a willingness to explore options - so we did.

“For all you’ve helped us with, we’re truly grateful.
Fiona, thank you sincerely for working with us over the past while, it’s been the best, most important thing we’ve done for ourselves, it's difficult to put into words how beneficial + supportive this has been. Through this process we’ve learned a huge amount about ourselves, like how to really listen to each other + communicate in a way that works for us, it’s all down to your expertise + guidance in facilitating each session”.