Hear’s to the tinnitus trail-blazers

Those sensations of frustration, loss, sadness + feeling on the fringes of life, aren't always so easy to manage. 

Let's help you get back to who you know you are so it's possible for you to live well - even in a different sounding world.

When you work with me I'll help you:

  • Learn to practically

    cope + adapt so that life can be amplified, once more

  • stop stressing

    about not hearing everything (+ really, you only want to hear the good stuff, don’t you?)

  • Start accepting

    + stop resisting the 24/7 noises in your head, so you can finally give yourself a mental holiday from it all

  • Learn to ask

    for what you need so your nights out become a reason to smile, not stress

  • Say yes

    to more “down time” + no to “being super busy + always on”

  • Get back to

    yourself quicker than you can say “hear, hear” + end the struggle so life’s enjoyable, again

Want to hear more?

If you’re living with incessant head noises like chirping, whizzing, jet-engines, buzzing, ticking + then some, it can test even the most optimistic of souls, so that’s why I help people -like me- get out of overwhelm + into self-compassion to effectively manage the distress that can accompany living with tinnitus + related hearing loss.

What if you knew how to help yourself manage your emotional reactions to the perception of these sounds, appease any negative thoughts, feelings + unhelpful behavioural patterns... wouldn’t this make a difference to your quality of life?

In my experience, tinnitus is all about the specifics.
Maybe you’re beyond frustrated, possibly affected by disturbed sleep patterns or get feelings of anxiousness, isolation + plain-'ole-sick-of-having-to-cope, as each of us experience differently how to live with endless ringing in our ears.

I help people who want to look forward; gain a new perspective + better manage their relationship to such a life change so they start to have fun, once again.