want those feelings back (+ more?)

Remember those butterflies you used to get just thinking about your partner?

Even if you barely grunt at each other now, or can't stop picking fights, I'll help you get back to that "new couple" feeling you used to have.

When you work with me I'll help you:

  • Never have

    to argue about ‘the toilet seat’ again (+ it’s never just about the toilet seat)

  • Learn to really communicate

    + be effective, instead of nagging or picking up the same, tired “you never listen to me” thread, once more

  • Nab the golden ticket to “hear-vana”

    (the glorious state where you both feel understood + heard)

  • Adore spending time together again

    so you can stop drowning yourself in work as an excuse to be alone

  • Share a natural “I’ve got this one” rhythm

    so there’s no stressing out about who loads the dishwasher or who does the drop-offs

  • Drop the mental scoreboards

    of past wrongs so all you’ll need to keep track of is how much fun you have together

  • Raise your couple mojo

    so it’s invincible + never suffers from “silent movie syndrome” again

This story’s about Laura + Mark:

An all-too-frequently-recurring issue was beginning to sabotage their otherwise happy duo. Keen to find a way past this, Laura + Mark took stock of their relationship + got to the root of the problem so they could get-back-to-happy + have fun, once again.

“Working with Fiona’s been the best thing we've done for ourselves + our relationship.    From the very first session, we started to understand ourselves + each other, better.  Fiona focused a lot on the practical methods of communicating more effectively, helping us learn to really listen + 'get' each other.  Suffice to say it's made all the difference in how we are with each other now. We can't thank her enough for this work; in fact it's hard to describe the impact”.