I ask myself, "what’s not to love about Iris Apfel"?

Iris Apfel

The lady who stands stylishly proud + playfully names herself ‘A Geriatric Starlette’. 

Because my reasons for admiring this Dame take longer than this post allows; I’ll keep it tight with some stellar shares:

  1. She doesn’t hide behind herself + what makes her unique | Simple.
  2. She’s always true to who she is | Owning + honing her distinctive style.
  3. She lives her life naturally, at her best | TADA!
  4. She blew out 95 candles on this year’s birthday cake | Life well lived.

Another thing I love about Iris is, before anyone knew what it was to “create the life you love + live the life you desire”, this lady was blazing the trail for us all as you'll see from the video below. 

A clip to share, so that's why it's here.  Enjoy!

So how about you?

  • What excites + motivates you about your life, right now? Need clarity on that?
  • How can you be more of who you naturally are at your best? As above.
  • Are you hiding what’s unique about you in any area of your life? Why so?
  • What’s *2017* about for you?  You decide. It’s for the taking.

If you struggle to identify these things, it might be time to get-busy-getting-clear on what it is "you" want so you can create more of the life you want. 

You don’t have to hide who you are to have a successful career, life + relationship.