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Are you lacking a love-what-I-do work vibe, every day?

Depending on how you’re wired, this could start to affect your health, you bet it’ll affect your mood, not to mention how you show up every day + it can even affect your most important relationships; you know, the one's that matter beyond corridors + water-coolers.

You're maybe even thinking you need to take stock + evaluate, because something’s got to change.

But then, you get scared (or lazy) + we're all human so you'll conjure up reasons why it’s, eh, em, not so okay to jump ship. I know what that’s like because sometimes it’s not so easy to colour outside the lines + take the leap towards something new or something we tell ourselves "will be better" on the other side of the tracks.

Here's the thing: Does it always have to be about taking the leap? Can't it simply be about seeing things differently?

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Dr. Wayne Dyer

Much of my work with corporates involves helping people -like you- change how you look at things (or more accurately) be more naturally at your best, so that, guess what? you find yourself working better with your colleagues + vice versa. Because this way, not only will you get to see + experience yourself through a different lense; you'll start creating healthier, lets-work-together-relationships.

While some work-relationship challenges may seem complex, when you + I drill down to the nub of the issue, it's very often simple things like getting + keeping perspective on what's really happening for you in those relationships so you can create better ways of being + relating that work for you + those around you. 

I've 4 simple shares you can start with, right now:

  • How are you showing up? Is your attitude helping or hindering you? (+ what's that really about for you?)
  • What one simple trait can you adjust today, so work dynamics start working for you? Here are a few thoughts:
    • try less of being judgey + more of being open to hearing what your colleagues are asking of you.
    • in the habit of cutting across peeps while they’re making their point? (I used to do that too).  The difference it makes when you listen, really listen + wait your turn, means that you get to ask Q’s to help you better understand their A’s (Q+A's work best as an exchange, not a battle-ground, that I know from experience).
    • trying listening to understand + learn more, so you're not so quick to defend. This one's a game-changer as everyone just wants to be understood. It's that simple.
  • Is it really your colleague’s behaviour that’s getting under your skin or is s/he simply responding to how they’re experiencing you?
  • When you take 100% responsibility for your 50% of the relationship, you may be surprised what’s swiftly within your control to change, influence + make better. Nice work!

Want to be valued for being "you", naturally, at your best? 

It’s not just your job.
It’s your life. Every day.