Why I founded lifeonaroll is because one of my clients said that's exactly how he felt after we'd worked together.


His outcome fit my purpose + my passion for helping create real change, because creating that ‘on a roll’ vibe in work, life + relationships is why I’m here. Once you start to feel, experience + sustain that for yourself; it's simple, that’s when I curtsy to you.

Like you, I’ve been in the trenches, looking to do life better.  It’s "why" I do what I do.

I’ve made mistakes (many...), faced fears (lots...), overcome obstacles (+ then some). 

I love to be surrounded by people who ‘get’ me as I know what it’s like if they don’t.

For too long a time, it felt like I meandered -not really living my purpose, my truth, my happiness- whatever words you put on that feeling of ‘meh’. It’s only when I reflect in my rear view mirror that I get how my journey makes sense + fits together.

I spent close to a decade living in Paris (eating too much cheese) + followed that with a 20-year career in advertising until such time, my ‘timeout’ appetite was whet + world-travel beckoned for a while (we’ve all been there... well, maybe not the cheese-fest bit!).

Running to stand still brought further searching; training in Thailand as a yoga teacher + in the West of Ireland as a bio-energy therapist + then there's the voice-over work (which I love, too). Time + again, I returned to the familiar + got sucked back up the corporate-funnel only to wrench myself back out... then, everything clicked.

The game of life, the corporate world + an advertising career taught me lots, not least about myself + relationship to others but it was the stuff that served me powerfully in every subsequent incarnation.  As I often found myself in a listening role, naturally helping people, coupled with my own interest in the larger questions about life, that’s why a decade ago, I decided to train in Counselling + Psychotherapy (specialising in relationship), adding coaching + NLP thereafter.

So if you find yourself struggling right now, I know from experience, there is a way to be yourself that brings out that truer version of you that you know exists, it's just not happened for you, yet. 

Finding that “you” is "why" I do what I do.