Ts + Cs

(So everything runs smoothly...)


Whether counselling or coaching, confidentiality is key to our work.

In the context of counselling, the confidentiality of our work deems that the law protects the client/therapist relationship + information cannot be disclosed without written permission.

The three exceptions to disclosure are: 

  1. Suspected child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse, for which I‘m required by law to report to the appropriate authorities.
  2. If a client threatens serious bodily harm to another person/s, I’m obliged to notify the Gardai.
  3. If a client intends to harm him/herself, I’ll make every effort to enlist their cooperation in ensuring their safety. If they don’t cooperate, I’ll take further measures without their permission that are provided to me by law in order to ensure their safety.


Individuals: After each session, thank you.

Corporates: 50% upfront + 50% on completion, thanks.


If you've booked a session or block of sessions + need to reschedule, there’s no fee as long as you do it at least 24 hours in advance. 

For sessions rescheduled within 24 hours, or no-shows, I deduct the time from your package. If you booked only one session, full fee applies.


When you buy a block of sessions with me, I commit to having enough time available to help you. That affects how many other clients I can take on. For that reason, I don’t offer refunds.  So when we commit to working together, let's respect + value each-other's time.